Love Blood Test
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Love Blood Test
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Baghat and Waneesa’s love blood test came out positively pink, and with that to attest to the depth of their affection for one another, they have almost everything they need to get married in the City of Love. All that’s left now is to obtain Baghat’s future father-in-law’s blessing – a simple matter of bringing Waneesa something tasty to eat, or some other equally simple and symbolic gesture. Right? If only the path to true love were this simple…

  • Main Characters
    Mostafa Serry/ Farida Zahran/ Tamer Amin/
  • Assistant Directors
    Noor Al Nasr/ Abdel Rahman Al Abbasy/
  • Cinematography
    Kareem Seif/
  • Produced by
    Doha Film Institute/
  • Art Direction and Customs
    Farida Zahran/
  • Written, Edited and Directed by
    Mostafa Sheshtawy/
  • Make Up and Hair
    Heba Shshtawi/